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Myself Bikash Shahi, Born and studies in Sindhupalchock, University Degree and Work in Kathmandu. I have been running an Art and Craft Business for over a decade after few years of job experience in the same field. I am also one of the founder member at TEAM Nepal, a social organization.


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We can Exchange Pictures, Texts and discuss about your customized needs vai one of these methods.

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We can Exchange Pictures, Texts and discuss about your customized needs vai one of these methods.

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We can Exchange Pictures, Texts and discuss about your customized needs vai one of these methods.

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Arts, Crafts and More

We supply all kinds of arts globally.  You have over 5000 pieces of Landscape, Mountains, Daily Life, Cultural Arts, Portraits, Heritage Arts, Nature, Birds and Semi Abstract  arts to choose from.  In addition, we accept orders for your own customized arts of someone special’s portrait, landscape or literally anything.

In addition we are specialized in dealing with varieties of Nepalese Handicrafts. Some of our Exclusive Collection of Nepalese Handicrafts

Some of our Professional Works

We are specialized on Hyper Realistic Portrait and Mountain Paintings.  If you are afraid of ordering something because you are not sure about the quality and the outcome of the order, you are in perfect place now and we assure you to work until you’re fully satisfied.   Our 10 years of experience guarantee your satisfaction about the piece of art that you are going to Purchase/Order.

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We also specialize in wholesale business of Nepalese Handicrafts.

We do offer varieties of Nepalese Handicrafts for wholesale price.  Our product ranges from, Bracelets, Necklace, Pendents, Tibetan Herbal Incense, Singing/Healing Bowls, Thankas, Pashmina Shawls.  In addition, we offer custom packaging, lebelling, Taging and Branding as per your needs.

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Some of the best Collection of Landscape Paintings

Your imagination, Can be turned into reality on a Canvas!!!

My Precious Family

I have a nice family of six Members.  My Dad and Mom, Myself and My better half, Daughter and Son.   I consider myself a very lucky having one of the happiest family.


My dad spent all his life working very hard in village life.  He never left traditional farming which has more struggle, less income. He struggled very hard to bring me where i am today.  He used all his knowledge to grow up four children.  Calm, Honest and Loving.


Everyone’s mom is the best mom in the world, so do i. She risked her own life to save our life many times, spent all life working hard. Aggressive but just Incredible mom!


Spent a tough and very struggling School life.  Not a matter of shy anymore, I haven’t been able to join the one and only picnic of School level at 9th grade not having Rs 250/- extra to pay for.  After completion of 10th grade education, i have never asked for any help from parents.  Of-course got some invaluable support from relatives.


Straight forward, no compromise on most of the things except those going normal.  Tough to deal with but very loving and curing to the kids hygiene, perfect business women having good dealing and impressing capacity.   Gets excited with every small success and small failure also makes her upset!


Average student, curious on unknown things, confidence on what she is doing.  Don’t bother to hear bad words (some times good words too) carefully.  Never knew how to please someone to get something as return.  Some of the characters of her mom.


Playful and curious most of the time. But when things are not going to his interest, very aggressive.  He has the skill to make people happy to have something in return.  Mix characters of his grandfather, mom and myself.

10 Years

In Art Business

18 Years

In Tourism

1000 Plus

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My Blog Posts

The contents below are just created for fun, news sharing or as an interesting subject matter…

वाईफाईको पासवर्ड कसरी परीवर्तन गर्ने?

के तपाई अरु कसैले अनाधीकृत रुपमा तपाईको वाईफाई सित्तैमा चलाएर हैरान हुनुभएको छ? आजकालको वालवालिकाहरु यस्ता कुरामा एकदमै अगाडी हुन्छन र सामान्य सुरक्षामात्र भएको धेरैजसो राउटरको पासवर्ड सजिलै पत्ता लगाईदिन्छन।[…]

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July 12, 2020 0

म्याक र आई पी सेटीङ मार्फत तपाईको वाफईफाइ कसरी पुर्ण सुरक्षित वनाउने? ।

नमस्कार, आफुले जानेको केही टेक्निकल कुराहरु सवैसामु वाड्ने मेरो पहिलो प्रयास स्विकार्नुहोला। म यहाँ चै पुरानो मोडलको  तर नयाँ भर्सनको फामवेयर अपडेट गरिएको NETIS कम्पनीको राउटरको सेटीङ देखाउन गईरहेको छु। केही[…]

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July 12, 2020 0

वर्डप्रेस वेवसाईट वनाउने तरिका – १

नमस्कार तपाईले विश्वभर छरिएर रहेका आफ्नो ग्राहकहरुको लागी अर्को २४/७ नै खुल्ला रहने पशल खोल्ने सोच वनाईरहनुभएको छ वा वेवसाईटको माध्यमबाट नयाँ पशल खोल्ने सोच बनाउनु भएको छ।  म वेवसाईट[…]

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August 26, 2017 0

Namaste Again !

Thank you for going through all of the contents of one of general person’s BLOG!  Hopefully we can share something together in coming days.  Let me be part of your decoration to Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, School, University or anything you may require.


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